Do You Need Men’s Sex Therapy in Los Angeles?

According to the Journal of Urology, 52% of men experience some sort of erectile dysfunction. That’s half of all men!

Men’s sex therapy concerns can include:Men Sex Therapy los angeles

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation/Rapid Ejaculation
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • TTC Pressure (Trying-To-Conceive Pressure)
  • Pornography Addiction/Sexual Addiction
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Sexual Abuse or Trauma

Are you a Los Angeles based male seeking therapy?

Suffering from any of the above can be painful. It can result in reduced confidence, low self esteem, anxiety, depression. Men in today’s society don’t have it easy! The pressure to “perform” is always on. Men are expected to know how to be a great lover. But who teaches them this? Rarely do men feel comfortable enough to ask one another ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ on how to be good in bed. Doing so is often considered to be un-masculine. What is a man to do? Where is he to turn? Addressing these concerns through men’s sex therapy is private and confidential. It’s a safe place where men can get the answers they have always sought and ask the questions they were too nervous or embarrassed to ask.


s a Sex Therapist, I have worked with men as young as 18 and as old as 80. Whether you struggle with Erectile Dysfunction, Premature or Rapid Ejaculation, Low Sex Drive or a Hyper Sex Drive, working with a sex therapist can help. Men’s Sex Therapy does not include any sexual contact with your therapist. It does include talking about sex. It can also include education and tools to help reduce the fear and anxiety underneath many sexual dysfunctions.


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