Postpartum Sex Therapy in Los Angeles

Postpartum Sex can bring a whole host of challenges. Finding the time. Finding the energy. Milk leaking. Sleep deprivation. Hormones fluctuating. Recovering from laboring or a C-Section. The list is endless. For some, their baby enters the world and 6 weeks later, they are good to go and have no issues with postpartum sex. For others, the road back to sexual intimacy with their partner can be a little more challenging. We are here to help you!

Whether you are trying to recover your pre-baby sexual connection, enjoy sex again after challenges trying to conceive, or learn how to be sexual in your new role as parents, we understand. Sex is a complicated issue for many relationships. When baby makes three, it adds another layer of challenges, which is why some couples need help and support navigating through Postpartum Sex Therapy.

While the team at Creating Change LA all specialize in sex therapy, we also understand the nuances and challenges that come with postpartum sex and intimacy. Seeking sex therapy for postpartum sex can help you:

  • Learn what healthy postpartum recovery is and isn’t (and when to seek medical attention/support)
  • Manage the impact of hormone fluctuations on your body, your mood, and your relationship
  • Communicate your needs to your partner (which might be different now that you have children)
  • Identify ways to stay connected sexually and intimately
  • Navigate the impact of no longer being “just the two of you”
  • Explore what feels good in your body (or doesn’t) so you can enjoy intimacy again
  • Collaborate with your partner so you feel like a couple again
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