Polyamory, Non-monogamy and Open Relationship Therapy Los Angeles

Specializing in Ethical Non-monogamy (ENM), Consensual Non-monogamy (CNM) and Open Relationships

Not all relationship therapists understand how to work with non-monogamous, open relationship structures. Get an unbiased exploration of polyamory, ENM, and CNM by working with one of our specialists.

  • Are you questioning whether monogamy is right for you?
  • Do you worry that “opening up” your relationship may be more than you and your partner can handle?
  • Are you ready to open your relationship up but don’t know where to start?
Photo illustration of non-monogamy relationship

Are you already in a non-monogamous relationship and seeking support? Our sex therapists can help you:

  • Navigate the complexities of managing multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships
  • Manage personal insecurities or jealous feelings while in a non-monogamous relationship(s)
  • Work through infidelity or betrayal that has damaged your ability to connect to your partner(s)

How is polyamory relationship therapy different from individual or couples therapy?

Many of our clients have shared about seeing a therapist who claimed to be poly-affirming or non-monogamy competent, yet they didn’t understand their relationship(s). They felt frustrated with therapists who wanted to focus on their polyamorous relationship(s) orientation/structure when the fact is they came to therapy to talk about other concerns. They needed a therapist who understands polyamory, ENM and CNM even though their romantic relationships aren’t a problem in their life. Polyamorous relationship therapy may address a range of topics related to managing non-monogomous relationships, or it may resemble traditional individual or relationship therapy.

Oftentimes regular therapists will try to apply traditional couples therapy techniques to polyamorous relationships without any knowledge of these kinds of relationships and the typical concerns that arise.

Non-monogamous relationship therapy is similar to individual or couples counseling, but as specialists in Sex Therapy, our team offers a poly-affirmative approach to treatment. You won’t need to explain to your therapist what it means to be polyamorous or defend how or why it works for you.  Our therapists will ask important questions about you and your relationships to collaboratively determine the focus of treatment.

Our Sex Therapists work with individuals of all sexual orientations, romantic orientations, neurofunctioning types, genders, and races. We are informed by esteemed ENM and CNM relationship therapists and researchers such as Esther Perel, PhD; Tammy Nelson, PhD; Elisabeth Sheff, PhD; Terri Conley, PhD; Amy Moors, PhD; and Dossie Easten, MFT. If non-monogamy is a concern for you and your relationship(s), we offer attachment-based and solution-focused treatment. This includes a combination of psychoeducation, addressing mismatches in relationship expectations, and improving communication. On a deeper level, we aim to explore how each of you learn, grow, and love more fully through your open relationship(s).


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