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Online Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

There are many people who are currently either in a “Shelter in Place” or are “Safer at Home” due to Covid-19. There are also individuals and couples who simply struggle to make it into the office. Natalie Finegood Goldberg and her sex therapist associates offer online psychotherapy and sex therapy for any of these individuals or couples who are located within the state of California.


How does it work?

Similar to in-person sex therapy, online sex therapy helps improve a variety of issues. Explore issues such as men’s sexual concerns, women’s sexual concerns, couples therapy issues, sex therapy, sex addiction therapy, depression, and anxiety, and address specific topics like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low desire, vaginismus, lack of sex between partners, and general intimacy issues all online. Sessions are held using a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform through Google Hangouts Meet. After scheduling your appointment, a secure link will be sent to you to connect with your therapist.


How to Make the Most Out of Therapy Online

The experience of therapy is most effective when you can be as honest as possible. Identifying your specific concerns and goals is a great place to start. If you are unsure of your goals but just know that you are struggling, your therapist can help identify some with you. Once you identify your goals, your therapist can begin to help explore with you what might be contributing to the problem. Why have things gotten the way they have? How can you improve them? Because the format is online, it’s best to find a place where you can speak freely without distraction. This can be done in your bedroom, living room, home office, or in worst-case scenarios where it’s hard to find privacy, your car! Sessions are generally held weekly and are 50 minutes in length.

What is the cost? Will insurance cover it? 

Online therapy costs the same as in-person therapy, $225 for 50 minute sessions. In terms of reimbursement, Natalie and the therapists at Creating Change LA are not in-network with any particular insurance company, so you will need to contact your provider to find out your “Out of network mental health benefits” and if you have “an out of network deductible” that must be met before benefits kick in. In the state of California, insurance companies are required to reimburse for telehealth sessions the same as if they were in-person, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If attending in-person therapy is a struggle, online sex therapy is the next best option. Contact us now to learn more about online options for therapy!

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