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Sex Therapy Homework

Sex Therapy Homework: What to Expect

Sex therapy sessions alone are helpful, but putting into practice what you learn is what will get the best results. Sessions alone will make things better, but sex therapy is most successful when you put into practice the suggestions and assignments discussed with your sex therapist. Not all sessions will have a specific “sex therapy homework assignment,” but when you are given one, it’s important to follow through. Practicing the things you learn each week will be essential to making progress in sex therapy. Natalie will provide you with all the support and guidance needed, but it’s up to you to put her teachings into practice. 

Getting to your initial session with Natalie Finegood Goldberg is a great step in combating your sex related anxieties, disorders, concerns, etc. Gift yourself the opportunity to address your sexual concerns, and you will find comfort in a newfound, or reawakened sexual liberation, free of any toxicities, through a personalized approach to wellness. So, how do you get to such a fulfilling destiny? By applying what you’re learning at home, either on your own or with your partner.

What is Sex Therapy Homework?

Sex therapy homework can come in many forms, and can be used to address codependency, addiction, relationship or couple issues, premarital concerns, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and other health or related concerns. 

Some examples of homework include:

  • Establishing clear goals (What do you want to get out of therapy, each session?)
  • Practicing healthy intimate conversation (Talking to your partner about what you want more/less of)
  • Progress reporting through a preferred outlet (Letter writing, journaling, or “check ins”)
  • Identifying thoughts, stressors, and behaviors that lead to undesired outcomes

How homework can help you:

  • It addresses changes in attitudes, feelings, and behaviors
  • Homework provides immediate feedback on a topic or event being worked on 
  • Behavioral and cognitive benefits result from discussions in follow up sessions, allowing for analysis and adjustments where needed

‘Sex Therapy Homework’ just puts what you’ve been talking about in session into practice, so you can challenge yourself and demonstrate growth. Following through on suggested ‘assignments’ agreed upon by both you and Natalie’s team will allow you to see your own growth through sex therapy and self-discipline with short and long term results. Implement the valuable conversations from Natalie’s sessions into your everyday life, and you will find that you can work towards a healthy and rewarding sex life. Some people also find home assignments can boost confidence, resulting in an overflow into other aspects of life. To start working towards a satisfying and pleasurable sex life, reach out to Natalie Finegood Goldberg LMFT CST Los Angeles Sex therapist and Psychotherapist today.


Some helpful research on the benefits of therapy homework are: