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How Does A Sex Therapist Work With Clients?

As a Los Angeles-based sex therapists, I will take you through the following fundamental, universal steps:

1. Recognize goals–

First, your therapist will try to help you identify goals. What is it that you’d like to gain from the work? Not only does the therapist want to know what it is you’d like to change but why. The therapist will further explore your motives for changing and try to get a better sense of how your goals will benefit you in the future.

2. Understand your background–

Second, they will need to obtain a comprehensive sexual history. This includes getting to know your general sexual background, as well as the specific history of the concern you are coming to therapy with. This is a very important step and can often reveal to the client any patterns that they were unaware of, unhealthy behaviors they have picked up along the way, or unrealistic beliefs they’ve been taught.

3. Map the pathway–

A good sex therapist will be able to discuss with the client different pathways for treatment. Maybe they believe it would be best to address the concerns in your current relationship. Maybe they believe it’s more important to focus on concerns from a previous relationship that are impacting you now. And even further, it’s possible that their concerns may point to something in your childhood, prior to ever entering any sexual or romantic relationships. Often times your therapist will point out a few different “paths” to pursue, and as the client, you can choose which feels the most pressing, relevant, or effective to you.

4. Begin interventions–

Sex therapy has many different ways of assisting you to grow and change. One intervention simply includes talking things out; another may be to encourage the client to do some reading or research on their own – using books, movies, or news articles that specifically address their concerns. Behavioral suggestions might be given such as specific exercises, positions, or toys/tools to try. Body-based interventions such as mindful breathing and increased bodily awareness to sensations might be practiced in the room as well as assigned as homework.

5. Support implementation–

as you are exploring new methods of new sexual skills and thinking, your sex therapist will support you in incorporating those skills into your world and using them in your daily life. If you are having trouble utilizing the tools suggested, the therapist might further explore any roadblocks you are encountering. This may result in considering new or different interventions.

6. Celebrate and Graduate–

throughout the process, your sex therapist will help you celebrate each new shift you make. Changing old habits can be really tough. Once you have met your goals, the last celebration will be your graduation session where you can look back on all you have accomplished with pride and joy.

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