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Effective sex therapy for women with low or no sexual desire

Sexual problems are not uncommon for women, particularly as they journey through different phases of life. Many women report a sexual concern at some point in time. Sexual dysfunction in women can occur due to physiological as well as psychological concerns. Sometimes a physiological concern can turn into a psychological concern. This can be the case in the cycle of sexual pain. Sometimes the experience of sexual dysfunctions can co-occur with depression, anxiety, poor health, urinary incontinence, and thyroid or other hormonal conditions.

If you’re a woman having difficulty with low or no erotic desire, sex therapy with a sex therapist can provide a significant libido boost. Women with desire problems often tend to feel exhausted by their daily responsibilities—their relationships, families, parenting, and jobs—and may have trouble creating space in their hectic routines for sexual desire. If you consider a person’s “hierarchy of needs,” women don’t often include “sex” in the same way they do things like food, water, shelter, income, and childrearing. After speaking with a sex therapist, women may be able to better identify where sexual desire and sexually connecting with a partner falls in relationship to their hierarchy of needs. If sex is a “need” vs. a “want” this can also be a helpful distinction. It is no less valuable to want to develop a healthier relationship with sex. Speaking with a specialist can help women to clarify wants and needs, find room for both, and ultimately experience greater bodily pleasure.

Women seeking for sex therapy:

As a sex therapist, I provide sex therapy for women in the Los Angeles area. One thing that almost all of my clients have in common is that they believe they are the only one experiencing their individual problem.

Part of my job as a sex therapist is to educate people on societal perceptions of sex. Despite the taboo around talking about sex, I provide a welcoming and warm environment for my clients, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed to seek help.

I have helped many women in sex therapy overcome:

• Age-related sexual difficulties
• Health-related sexual difficulties
• Arousal and orgasmic disorders
• Low or no sexual desire
• Infidelity and healing after an affair
• Post-partum depression
• Sexual pain or dyspareunia
• Sexual avoidance or sexual anorexia
• Sexual trauma recovery
• Inability to orgasm
• Wanting to reconnect with a partner

Not sure if sex therapy is for you? Don’t despair if your main concern isn’t on this list! I see many women for plenty of other reasons. Please feel free to contact me and learn how we might be able to work together!