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Sex Therapy: Who Can Benefit From It?

Sex therapy is counseling done with the purpose to help individuals or couples resolve sexual difficulties, as well as other relationship issues such as anxiety, communication problems and sexual disconnection.

Clients and therapist meet in the therapist’s office, where they may attend sessions alone, or bring their partner along, depending on what the therapist believes to be most useful. Length and frequency of the session varies from case to case.

Because every individual and couple are different, therapy is customized to the client’s specific needs. For some, a mind-body approach is helpful. For others, sex education is crucial to addressing their concerns. And yet for others, addressing their own faulty beliefs or fears and anxieties is necessary for healing.

A sex therapist makes a point to correct any myths and misconceptions about sexuality and help patients discover personal barriers to sexual fulfillment. Sex therapy also revolves around providing proper sex education and assisting clients to explore sexual concerns and help redefine what is “normal”. In addition, the sex therapist offers resources, tools and skills to enjoy a healthy sex life.

Individual sex therapy

In an individual sex therapy session, a trained sex therapist helps people struggling with sexual dysfunctions, compulsivity, sexual abuse or trauma, pelvic pain, gender expression and other sexual difficulties.

The focus of individual sex therapy is on all issues of personal growth, but primarily addressing sexual relationships, intimacy and sexual enrichment.

Couples sex therapy

Many times, couples lose interest and stop communicating with each other. One or both partners feel unsupported and begin to question if they are in “the right” relationship. It is not uncommon for the sex to slow down or reduce in frequency or intensity in a long-term monogamous relationship. In most cases, when the communication breaks down, the sexual intimacy suffers as well. t is seen that these concerns are sexual and people can benefit with couple sex therapies.

I provide a safe environment for sex therapy in my Los Angeles office for couples to identify obstacles in their relationship, and alter them for the better.  A trained couples and sex therapist can help partners learn to communicate effectively, improve their sex life, and increase intimacy.